My trading is on                 My P/L for past 5 days: $6510; over last 10 days: $10,520; last 20 days: $17,880; last 40 days: $30,450 and last 120 days: $73.650; aver $619/d.


Membership guarantee: if I do not make $1000 per month sim trading, your next month is free.


Check out my updated video below:

I  have an open letter of invitation to other women futures day traders: trade as I do: truthfully, transparently and profitably. I do not use any indicators, programs or lines from dead mathematicians. I do not give alerts but in fact trade in real time; want to join me?

                          RECOMMENDED AS A GLOBAL ​TRADE TITAN


Trading truthfully, transparently and profitably is massively difficult and demanding – perhaps that is why over 99.4% of the 2166 “trade rooms” really are sales rooms and do not trade. Accordingly, they do not have a track record. How could they! It is a disgrace really as so many are all vendor/no trader and yet they do everything to hide that from traders.

My trade performance in futures CL and GC is presented in each publication.

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