I trade with 100% transparency: showing all entries, targets and stops in real time

I post a detailed truthful track record

I am rated #1 in average P/L in GC trades

I am rated #1 in average P/L in CL trades

I am a fighter and will take loses and I fight back to profitability.

These are challenging trade times but I have done well: last week: $10,480; last 2 weeks: $13,380; last 1 month: $19,410; last 4 months: $34,690 and last 6 months: $42,690.

Short term to mid term to long term profitability, all at 2  hrs per day.

100% transparency on all trades start to finish

Summary of trade room in video below



Trading truthfully, transparently and profitably is massively difficult and demanding – perhaps that is why over 98% of the 1882 “trade rooms” really are sales rooms and do not trade, so they do not have a track record. How could they! It is a disgrace really as so many are all vendor/no trader and yet they do everything to hide that from traders.

My trade performance in futures CL and GC is presented in each publication.

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