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My name is April T and I graduated with a BA in Communications. I worked as a teacher, then as a comedian and actress with small parts in movies (left is my most recent modeling portfolio picture), then pharmaceutical sales and later into pharma management. Like many others, I began trading futures on my own, and in 2012 bought useless education on line that failed me miserably and continuously. I decided my best understanding of futures trading might come from study and evaluation on my own. It was by chance I joined Tesseract Traders and enjoyed a series of opportunities, including trade evaluations of each Trade Titan and with True North Trading. I feel my exposure to the very best traders was the foundation I needed and seeing truthful, transparent and profitable in action served as guidance second to none. 
I offer 30 min or 60 min consultation sessions for those interested in discussing my methods, strategies or trading approach. I will cover my trade strategy and methods, specifically: 1. Trend vs. Counter-trend; 2- Patterns;  3- Whole numbers (and what they mean); 4- Track Record (how to generate and use); 5- Pullback analysis and uses; 6 - Time of the day; 7- Longs vs Shorts; and 8- Beta Trades (practice). 
I began to evaluate market price delta based on time, where trade events were tracked using tessellation equations, eventually to form Tesseract Trading, and I was responsible to trade design and execution of the most profitable and most sustainable index trades. I did try a large number of indices to find those most stable; it was remarkable that some were rock solid and others erratic and that this varied by day of the week.
My work evolved into what became known as the GRAVITY Trade Program (track record here). I studied and calculated long term 4th dimensional time effects on trade outcomes and considered every hour of each trade day as a unique quantum of opportunity. The GRAIVTY Program was successful and out-licensed and I moved on to the next trade team. What I did learn is that time in trade can be harnessed for additional profits.
This new team became known as True North Trading. Here – working as VP of Operations with Dr. Andrew, I used step discontinuity to evaluate and harness pullback entries, the key trade model used in TNT. Originally TNT was a private room and pretty much traded any index that moved. Most of the trades were of my own execution (track record here). Our private room went public for about 8 months then went private again where it remains to this date.
In my trade room all trades will be called in real time, on a price chart, with number of contracts shown. Trade execution will be continuous and the final sim P/L for each trade will be visible at conclusion of the trade. If interested in a membership, please go to the Membership page and purchase as noted.  
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